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Seimens Analytical Laboratory, Houston, TX

Siemens Analytical is a leading provider of process analyzers and process analysis systems. They have a manufacturing and laboratory space located in Houston, Texas that makes gas chromatographs, a key technology for process analytics in the chemicals, gas and petrochemical industries.

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The Problem

Their clients in Oil Exploration use gas chromatographs to determine the quality of gas streams in the field without having to send samples back to the labs. When Siemens moved part of the operation to the Houston facility, they brought thousands of chemicals that needed to be classified for building occupancy. They wanted the ability to store the small sample hazardous chemicals on site, conduct laboratory analysis and manufacturing in one building.

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The Solution

An analysis of over two thousand chemicals was completed by the Houston office and the HazAdvisr team. We used HazAdvsr’s As-Built Manager, which allows for real-time analysis of chemical quantities to manage chemical limit compliance.

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The Results

Siemens solved their chemical concerns with a thorough and straightforward chemical classification from HazAdvisr. Thanks to this successful partnership, Siemens has expressed further interest in future HazAdvisr collaborations.

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