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Case Study

A major nuclear power plant located in the United States is subject to specialized regulations focused on the protection of the public. Every U.S. nuclear power plant, even in areas with minimal seismic activity, is designed and built to withstand earthquakes. These requirements, coupled with the industrial environment in a power plant, has led to complex problems requiring innovative solutions.
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The Problem

The plant needed to move heavy loads through a section of the structure. However, the structure had limited capacity and was potentially incapable of carrying the heavy load during an earthquake. Reinforcing the structure was not a viable option. The heavy load haul was a short-term campaign.

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The Solution

We developed a temporary bridge/pedestal which provided an alternate load path to bridge over the limited capacity spots in the haul path, so the load is supported by robust structural supports. The use of an engineered, low-friction surface material at the bearing supports allowed for a substantial reduction in the lateral demands under an earthquake.

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The Results

The temporary bridge will be used to safely support future heavy load movement campaigns, satisfying regulatory requirements. This has allowed the client to continue plant activities without interruption and to ensure the safety of their staff and the public.