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Top Electric Utility Company, United States

The client is one of the top ten largest electric power companies in the United States. They have electric power and gas transmission operations in 18 states serving 7.5 million customers.

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The Problem

The client needed to standardize, provide better access to and manage their environmental response plans across their operations. The client has more than 350 response plans that cover gas transmission and electric power operations. They needed a streamlined plan revision approval and tracking process. Their plans were also required to meet federal and state regulatory requirements.

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The Solution

We implemented SMARTPLAN™, our web-based response planning technology, to address their challenges. We provided training for plan maintenance users so they could manage revisions going forward. The client now has streamlined functionality to efficiently update and track plans, meet required regulations and maintain consistent formats across all 350 response plans.

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The Results

This platform has enabled them to greatly improve compliance, consistency and accessibility for all of their plan types across all locations. They have reduced cost of their program management by providing plan management tools which greatly reduce time required to update the site-specific plans. They now have a more efficient and unified approach to integrate new plans required as a result of acquisitions or new construction.