Turning shipping containers into affordable housing

Tom Jaleski

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Dec 5, 2023

A shortage of affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges faced by communities today. Nearly four million new homes worldwide are needed to keep up with population growth. Re-used shipping containers are one common-sense option for providing sustainable and affordable modular housing for almost anyone, anywhere in the world.

Relevant Buildings’ 7th Street Lofts, located in downtown St. Helens, Oregon, is a prime example of how modular construction can provide affordable housing in an urban setting. In his article, Jensen Hughes’ Tom Jaleski reflects on the use of shipping containers in this project to create housing for a community in need. Read more in the latest issue of Commercial Construction & Renovation (Issue 9, pp. 78-82).


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Tom Jaleski
Tom is an expert in accessibility and code regulations for high-rise, healthcare, residential, assembly, commercial, public and aviation facilities.