Striving for a Gender Neutral World

In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month 2021, some of our female team members shared their thoughts on how we can all strive for a more gender equal world.

"We have to question “why” when women are not included in the decision-making circle and create space for women to pull up a seat at the table. It’s important that we continue to call out the discrepancies that we see and push for action."

Char Randolph
HR Business Partner
Goodyear, Arizona

"Looking forward, we need to institutionalize policies to ensure that a gender equal world can be practiced and implemented regardless of the situation. To me, that means crafting laws and legal remedies to protect the rights of all people no matter what their orientations are."

Christine Amoncio
Proposal Manager
Dubai, UAE

"A gender equal world means we value and respect the work that is done by women and men. And that applies to all aspects of employment. In the corporate world, it isn’t just about having more women leaders but also about focusing on creating equal opportunities at all levels of employment. The COVID crisis, in particular, highlights the critical role that women play now and have throughout history in moving our society forward. All efforts by all people should be valued."

Marlene Delaney, SE, PE
Vice President, North America - Midwest

"Women need to be at the table to help set policy, drive success and help make decisions at all levels of industry to ensure that the rebuilding process is more mindful, sustainable and equitable for women."

Darlene Rini, PE
Los Angeles, CA

"With the move to online working I think this is a great opportunity for all companies to ensure we use our online platforms to provide this visibility for the next generation of female forensic investigators. They are out there looking to see their future in us."

Eva McKiernan
Technical Director
Dublin, Ireland