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Forensics News and Thought Leadership Articles

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Contributing Experts

Will Hutchinson

Managing Director of Forensics, UK + Ireland

PHD, Infrared-Active Sensors for Inhomogeneous Systems, BSC (Hons), Applied Chemistry, Level 5, Skills for Justice Fire Investigator, Member, Member, Member

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Biotechnology (Hons), Member, Certified International Post Blast Investigator, Certified Fire Investigator, Member, Member

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Ben Sharp

Technical Director, Fire Engineering

MEng (Hons), Structural and Fire Safety Engineering, Associate Member

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MSci Forensic and Analytical Science, Member, International Association of Arson Investigators, Member, UK Association of Fire Investigators, Associate Member, Royal Society of Chemistry

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John Gow

Technical Director, Marine + Senior Investigator

Registered Forensic Practitioner - Fire Scene Examination, Specialty Assessor - Fire Scene Examination, Fire Protection Assoc. Level 5 Course, Legal Experience Training Adv. Award in Expt. Wit. Evidence, Member, Director, Member, Member

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