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Case Study

A new train station and hotel was designed and constructed to connect with an existing airport. The new structure featured a large glass canopy, supported at one end and projected outward from the hotel over the train station.
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The Problem

Within two years of installation, several of the glass panels within the canopies began to fracture, posing a potential safety threat to building occupants. Our client required an investigation to determine the cause of the fractures.

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The Solution

We proposed a two-phase investigation including on-site and laboratory examinations. By studying the fracture patterns, we determined the cause of the fracture to be inclusions from the glass manufacturing process, resulting in delayed spontaneous fracture.

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The Results

Because of our investigation, our client was able to uncover the origin of the glass defect and understand the cause of the fractures. This resolution allowed them to develop effective mitigation tactics to diminish any further cracks or failures.