The Importance of Performing and Managing Facility Inspections, Testing + Maintenance

Matthew Icenroad

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Mar 23, 2023

Today’s larger structures increasingly rely on active and passive fire protection systems, making regular inspections, testing and maintenance (ITM) programs more important than ever. Despite the significant investment in both design and construction, a building’s level of protection can be significantly reduced over time resulting in malfunctioning life safety systems, which can further contribute to fire-related deaths and injuries in multiple residence and non-residential buildings.

This paper examines the importance of inspections, testing and maintenance in maintaining life safety compliance with NFPA codes and how digital tools can contribute to more effectively managed, cost-efficient and safer programs.

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Matthew Icenroad
Matt joined Jensen Hughes in 2017 and serves clients out of the Baltimore/Washington DC area. He provides support for a wide-range of client consulting projects and leads the strategic vision and innovations of the Jensen Hughes Digital ProtectAdvisr application.