Minimizing response times in a crisis is critical, and any delay can have significant implications. Establishing the right technical framework before an incident occurs improves compliance and can save lives. Our SMARTPLAN™ digital solution is the most innovative response planning and emergency management software system on the market. It offers an industry-leading selection of customizable response plan templates, including emergency response plans, business continuity plans and fire pre-plans.


SMARTPLAN™ is a proven web-based, database-driven planning system that allows every team member to locate and navigate response plans through a password protected website. This means your incident response time and management capabilities improve dramatically. Whether you need one plan type for a few locations or multiple plan types for every site, our system enables you to streamline and customise your company’s preparedness program based on best practices, company protocols and regulatory requirements. We also provide training, allowing the company to take control of their new system and easily make updates or changes.


With SMARTPLAN™, you can:

  • Access your plans via Mobile App.
  • Eliminate plan version confusion and content discrepancies.
  • Track the status of all plans and agency submittals.
  • Provide an efficient method of revising standard and site-specific content across all plans.
  • Leverage duplicate plan content required for multiple plan types.
  • Reduce plan development, maintenance and overall program costs.
  • Simplify plan reviews and agency submittal processes.
  • Enable secure access to latest plan versions to stakeholders.
  • Interface with company human resources systems to automatically update plan contacts.
  • Enable single sign-on to access plans rapidly for all company personnel.
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