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This global company operates more than 10,000 grocery stores in 29 countries. In 2017, it opened its first stores in the United States and is aggressively expanding to more than 600 locations throughout the country.
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The Problem

The company wanted to create standardized Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for all stores, warehouses and distribution centers. Due to rapid expansion, they realized it wasn’t efficient or practical to maintain consistency and access to all plans. They needed plans to be updated instantaneously and reflect the unique character of each region.

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The Solution

We developed an EAP template based on their format and content, and populated plans for an initial network of 65 stores. We trained users and provided site-specific flip-charts based on EAP content in SMARTPLAN, software for response planning, emergency management, crisis management. We also provide ongoing administrative support to ensure consistency and compliance.

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The Results

Implementing SMARTPLAN has enabled the company to improve compliance, consistency and accessibility for their EAPs across their locations. By reducing administrative upkeep and increasing efficiency, the company has been able to focus their resources on their strategic growth plans.