A headshot image of Mugtaba Lazim

Mugtaba Lazim

MSc, BSc


Areas of Expertise

Fire + Explosion Origin + Cause Investigation
Origin + Cause
Failure Analysis


Mugtaba joined Jensen Hughes as a Graduate Investigator in 2019, and has since been promoted to Investigator. As part of the forensics team, he has had the opportunity to expand his knowledge and experience by assisting on a variety of commercial and residential investigations. He is experienced in a forensic laboratory environment as a Forensic Lab Technician. Following his Master’s degree, he has gained comprehensive knowledge in failure analysis of materials with particular emphasis on metals, including metallurgical and fractographical analysis. He also studied various modules in Fire and Explosion Investigation. He further developed his analytical skills in the examination of forensic evidence submitted from police forces across England and Wales. He gained extensive experience in using analytical techniques, such as GC-MS and FTIR, to effectively and conclusively identify chemical compounds found in illegal drugs.

Education / Certifications
  • MSc, Forensic Engineering and Science, Cranfield University
  • BSc, Forensic Biology, University of the West of England
  • Member, Intl. Assoc. of Arson Investigators
  • Member, UK Assoc. of Fire Investigators
  • Languages- English (fluent)
  • Languages- Arabic (fluent)