Investigating Arson

Kiera Biggins

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Mar 5, 2024

Fire investigation is a multifaceted endeavor that entails a detailed analysis of the scene to ascertain the origin and probable cause of a fire. When scrutinizing any fire or explosion incident they encounter, fire investigators must gather and analyze all evidence and remain open to considering all possible causes, including arson.

In her article, Senior Investigator Kierra Biggins explores the key indicators of possible arson and the methods for identifying and gathering this evidence. The strength and success of the investigation will be dependent on a number of factors, including initial control of the scene, forensic analysis, and thorough gathering and recording of evidence.

Read the full article in Fire & Risk Management, published by the Fire Protection Association.

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About the author

Kiera Biggins
Kiera is one of our leading Senior Investigators for investigating the origin and cause of water and oil escapes.