Ensure the safety of your people, plant and processes through effective emergency relief

Pressure building up in your system can pose a serious threat. A comprehensive emergency relief system design is critical to safe, efficient operations and helps minimize business interruptions.

Robust Emergency Relief System Design

We deliver a robust emergency relief system design, in accordance with DIERS guidelines. Process safety hazard analysis, adiabatic reaction calorimetry testing using a PHI-TEC II and vent sizing calculations are used to screen the runaway explosion hazard of chemicals. We also provide transient fluid analyses, dynamic stress analyses and dispersion analyses, allowing you to:

  • Fulfill compliance requirements including:
    • API 520/521
    • ISO 4126-10
    • DIERS Methodology
  • Ensure the safety of your employees
  • Protect critical equipment + minimize downtime
  • Reduce insurance + maintenance costs

Why are emergency relief systems important? And what is involved in a comprehensive emergency relief system design?

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