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Uncovering Potential Radicalization

A routine employee investigation escalates dramatically with evidence of violence and potential radicalization.
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The Problem

An employee at a major U.S. retail chain had an explosive verbal altercation with a coworker. As a result, management opened an internal investigation and found that several employees had expressed significant concerns about this person’s troubling pattern of behavior.

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The Solution

Our team quickly determined that the subject’s online presence included details about his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, belief in conspiracy theories and hostile ideologies, interpersonal problems and military training. These demonstrated to the team that this person might selfradicalize or could be vulnerable to a terrorist organization’s recruitment tactics.

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The Results

Our workplace violence prevention team alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the subject and submitted the evidence of potential radicalization. Then, they recommended the company terminate the employee. They also encouraged leadership to take safety precautions at the separation meeting. The company followed our advice and provided the employee a six-month severance package to assist with his transition and his mental health treatment.