Are your surgical teams prepared to handle a fire in the OR? Do they know the proper procedures to suppress fires on or in a patient? When you do provide training, are you able to educate 100% of your clinical and support staff? New hires?

Train your team on fire prevention, suppression and patient evacuation with our easy to use online program.


  • Fire prevention (for surgeons, anesthesia providers, nurses, surgical technologists and other providers in the surgical suites)
  • Fire suppression for fires on or in the patient as well other fires in the surgical and procedural area
  • Methodologies for the surgical team to evacuate a patient intraoperatively
  • Embedded videos demonstrating actual fire situations and correct/incorrect management of surgical fires
  • Knowledge testing questions and a post-test to ensure competency on the subject

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(surgeons, anesthesia providers, circulating nurses and surgical technologists)