As the impacts and implications of coronavirus (COVID-19) unfold, it’s clear we are stepping into uncharted territory and we wanted to share a few thoughts with you. The wellbeing and safety of our people – yours and ours – is more important to me and our leaders than any other priority. That is our first imperative at Jensen Hughes, across our global workforce of 1,400+ and 90+ offices.

I’ve been in this business for over 20 years and gain new perspective every day from our most senior leaders, who have also weathered many storms. While anxiety in turbulent times is a normal human response, we need to remind ourselves to pause, breathe deeply and remember that change is a natural part of our world.

Getting Through COVID-19 Together

Like our leaders, yours are probably meeting daily to discuss how to protect your people from COVID-19 while minimizing impacts to your core operations. For those of you who are not already leveraging our experts during these sessions, consider doing so. We excel in this area. Jensen Hughes has been in business since 1939 and as experts – scientists, emergency managers, engineers and security consultants – our DNA is rooted in prevention, planning and response. With a bench as deep and diverse as ours, we have the collective experience and qualifications to develop thoughtful answers to your challenges – from emergency management and crisis response to pandemic response, business continuity planning and short-term outsource support your life-safety, fire protection, security and risk informed services team.

Thinking Ahead

We have high standards. We lean forward in a crisis, not backward. If your teams and ours work together in this new environment, our respective organizations will emerge from this crisis stronger, more resilient and better prepared to weather the next. We are already innovating across multiple channels, strategies and technologies – not just for COVID-19, but also in preparation for the next crisis, whether global or local, large or small.

We Are Ready to Support You Everywhere in the World

Fortunately, Jensen Hughes is very well prepared to support your needs and requirements. Because our experts work remotely on a regular basis across all time zones, they are well equipped with laptops and other connectivity tools, and thrive in a creative, multi-channel, digitally enhanced global space. For several years, we have invested extensively in communication and collaboration platforms including our company-wide migration in 2019 to a Microsoft Teams environment. Anyone can join Teams meetings from any computer or mobile device via a web browser or the Teams application. In addition, we have a fully secure, file-sharing and storage platform, so they can access your deliverables remotely via an app on any mobile device or company computer.

Actions We Have Taken to Keep Your People and Ours Healthy and Productive

Please know that we are taking extensive and unprecedented precautions to keep our employees healthy, protected and productive to support you and our ongoing projects.

  • We created a global 24/7 Jensen Hughes COVID-19 Email Hotline supported by round-the-clock monitoring, response and escalation procedures.
  • Our leadership team and our COVID-19 Health, Safety and Security Committee (JH-HSSC) meet daily and are in continuous communication.
  • We established an easy-to-access internal COVID-19 FAQ page with guidance and information updated daily – and hourly, if necessary – related to COVID-19 on topics such as travel restrictions by country or region, general caution and avoidance of public transportation, working remotely and using Microsoft Teams with clients, protocols if one becomes ill or is exposed to COVID-19, self-quarantine thresholds and durations, returning-to-work requirements, guidance for supervisors, and the importance of communicating up, down and across our organization early, often and continuously.

Your Jensen Hughes Project Manager will continue to keep you well informed throughout this period. If you have concerns or anticipate changes to your projects, please reach out and let them know so they can determine how to coordinate across the full breadth of Jensen Hughes exactly which resources – who, what, when and how – are needed to support your requirements.

Thank you for your partnership and trust in our services. We will get through this together.

Raj Arora, CEO