Protecting the infrastructure of commercial landscapes and urban life.

The increasing demand for more sustainable and cost-effective solutions to tunnel and underground space ventilation systems has driven our experts to go beyond simply design and theory. Our combined fire protection, security and hazard design services offer a comprehensive holistic approach to the unique safety challenges encountered in tunnels and facilities. This approach combined with our research and test data allows us to provide performance-based solutions to otherwise insurmountable code-based design issues.


We not only draw on our in-depth knowledge of fire and life safety protection, we rely on our proven research and testing data to evaluate tunnel ventilation systems and assess hazards. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we use our network of in-house lab facilities to characterize materials and evaluate their behavior when exposed to extreme conditions. This material testing can predict heat release rate, assess material toxicity and determine the greatest exposure hazard to deliver accurate, efficient results for the most comprehensive product liability and tunnel condition assessments.

Our staff serve on the technical committee of NFPA 130 and have vast experience working on tunnel related compliance testing meeting the NFPA 502 criteria. How can we can help you navigate the approval process for your tunnel fire and life safety systems.