Access Control + Facility Security - Matt Harper Shares Insights with FacilitiesNet

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Jul 1, 2024

Busy facility managers are often charged with developing comprehensive security plans, sometimes even taking on a security role in addition to their managerial responsibilities. Access control systems can provide a more efficient and effective way for managers to help ensure the security of their facility and keep occupants safe.

Learn more about facility access control from Matt Harper, who shares his insights in a recent interview for FaciltiesNet. Access control and intrusion detection are the big drivers in security today, and with advancements in technology, managers have numerous options to choose from to meet the needs of their facilities. Unlike video surveillance, access control puts the emphasis on the front end, ideally heading off trouble instead of responding to it.

“The human element is really important in assessing security. Today you’re dealing with mass shootings, theft, homelessness and a number of things,” said Harper. “There are now cameras with AI analytics that can recognize you. A hotel manager could create a custom database of employees. Staff would have access to certain areas but not to others.”

Working together with security consultants, facilities managers and other stakeholders can design an integrated plan appropriate to the client, site, city and region.

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