Jensen Hughes Opens Office in London to Serve Expanding International Client Base

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Sep 6, 2017

Jensen Hughes, one of the world’s largest fire, forensic, security and risk engineering and consulting firms, is launching into the UK, aiming to help advance the UK and Europe’s ‘science of safety’ for both industries and individuals. As part of its global operations expansion, the establishment of a European Headquarters in London, will help address and solve important threats and hazards where people live and work.

Jensen Hughes recognises the growing need in the global market for education and consultative needs for reducing the risk of life and property loss due to fire, security threats and other risks and providing world class engineering investigations in complex failures and events impacting people’s lives.

Paul Orzeske, CEO of Jensen Hughes says: “There’s a need for increased diligence on safety. Jensen Hughes is focused on evaluating these risks and developing the best solutions to help tackle complex safety and design issues across all industries. Our UK launch is a pivotal part of us expanding into Europe to assist in securing UK’s facilities and ensuring their industries have the advice and solutions required to improve safety for their employees.”

Having worked with a broad cross section of Global 50 companies, Jensen Hughes will be bringing its expert global knowledge and innovation to London, to help provide UK and European companies with the best possible solutions and risk management techniques.

The US-based company has over 70 offices worldwide and 1,200 engineers, consultants, scientists and nuclear professionals globally. Failure analysis, forensic engineering and litigation support is provided for a broad spectrum of cases ranging from post terrorism incidents and other pivotal losses in the built environment, to the performance of consumer product analysis and fire safety engineering. Jensen Hughes’ expertise with fire safety engineering, fire systems design and active and passive fire system testing provides a deep understanding of the fire risks that threaten the built environment, which benefits all industries and residents UK and European-wide.

Jensen Hughes works with solicitors, insurers, loss adjusters, risk managers, building owners, architects, developers and construction teams, real estate property and facility managers, nuclear utility owners and regulators, institutions and government agencies across all sectors. Its particular focus is Aviation, Cultural, Data Centers, Education, Government, Healthcare, High-Rise Residential, Hospitality, Industrial, Laboratories, Mining, Military, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Office, and Transit.

Contact Jensen Hughes London

The London Office will be headed by Dr. Richard Stahl, the new Managing Director of UK Operations at Jensen Hughes, and is located at 23 Austin Friars, Suite 310, London, England EC2N 2QP. For more information about Jensen Hughes and the new London location, call +44 (0)20 37437434.

About Dr. Richard Stahl

Dr. Richard Stahl joins Jensen Hughes as the new Managing Director of UK Operations and will be leading the new London office. Richard has more than 30 years of experience as a geotechnical engineer and forensic investigator. He has led multi-disciplinary teams for large scale investigations and provided expert testimony at trial, arbitrations and mediations.

Richard has been engaged in multi-million dollar assignments within a variety of business sectors, including mining, energy, natural resources, industrial, commercial, heavy civil infrastructure, marine, transportation and distribution, real estate, hospitality, and tourism/recreational sectors within the Americas and Asia. Notable assignments include flooding investigations and remediation in the Bahamas, shallow and deep excavations in North America, tunneling in Asia and North America, slopes and tailings dams in North and South America.

He has published numerous expert articles in publications such as the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, the American Society of Civil Engineering, has presented papers at a variety of geotechnical, tunneling, and mining conferences across the globe.

Richard attended the University of British Columbia for his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, the University of Alberta for his PhD in Geotechnical Engineering, and the London Business School for his Sloan Master’s in Business.