Samuli Heikkilä Interviewed in Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta

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Feb 19, 2024

Samuli Heikkilä, our managing director in Finland, advocates for closer collaboration between fire safety and security engineering in this article published in Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta. The collaboration is best demonstrated through exercises like blackout tests, reflecting that the role of fire safety consultants is evolving. He notes that the impact of the global security situation on organizations has also been positive, leading to increased testing of critical systems and consideration of crisis management in larger public construction projects.

Heikkilä also highlights the international aspect of their work, with employees engaged in projects abroad and secondments. Jensen Hughes also recruits internationally and offers career paths across Europe.

Read more in the latest issue of the Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta, issue 1/2024 of Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta, a leading professional publication for safety and risk management.

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Samuli Heikkilä
Samuli Heikkilä serves as the Managing Director, Vice President Finland, responsible for the day-to-day management of the Finland offices. Most of his workdays are focused on human resources matters, tenders and contracts.