Seungmin Park Awarded the Order of Civil Merit by President of South Korea

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Nov 10, 2021

On Tuesday 9 Nov 2021, Seungmin (Simon) Park, Representative Director at SAFire (a Jensen Hughes Company) in Seoul, was awarded The Order of Civil Merit by Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea. The annual award recognizes recipients for outstanding services in politics, economy, society, education, art or science in the interest of improving citizens' welfare and promoting national development. The Mongnyeon Medal is the only Order of Civil Merit a civilian can receive from the government and the highest class merit for civilians.

Class of Merits:

+1st: Mugunghwa Medal

+ 2nd: Moran Medal

+ 3rd: Dongbaek Medal

+ 4th: Mongnyeon Medal

+ 5th: Seongnyu Medal

We're incredibly proud of Mr. Park — this is a great honor, both professionally and personally. Congratulations!

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