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Situated at the heart of Tampere, Finland, the Tays Tampere Central Hospital stands as a beacon of healthcare expertise, catering to the diverse medical needs of not just Tampere residents, but also patients from surrounding regions.

Tays is not just a standalone hospital; it collaborates with various units and centers, including the Tays Heart Centre, the Hospital for Joint Replacement Coxa, Fimlab Laboratories, and the Imaging Centre. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic and interconnected healthcare ecosystem.

Tays Tampere Central Hospital is undergoing a comprehensive renewal of operations to accommodate the increasing demands of the growing population. This involves the construction of new facilities and the renovation of certain sections of existing buildings. The goal is to enhance patient safety, improve accessibility and usability of services, create a functional work environment, and streamline the flow of people and equipment. The renewal aims to provide increased privacy and comfort for patients where the focus is not only on modernizing facilities but also on sustainability. The hospital seeks to create a more environmentally friendly healthcare environment, aligning with global efforts to promote eco-friendly practices.

The design team commissioned Jensen Hughes to carry out Structural Fire Engineering (SFE) modeling of . the materials, design, and construction of the steel trusses of glass roofs in courtyards to determine their ability to withstand fire exposure. Our experts in SFE developed fire simulations and thermal analyses of steel profiles that involve a detailed analysis of the impact of fire on these atriums. .

Simulating potential fire scenarios is crucial to understanding how the steel trusses would respond under different conditions. Our experts employed advanced fire modeling software to create virtual simulations of fires, considering factors such as the intensity, duration, and location of the fire within the atrium.

The stipulated prescriptive requirement for the steel trusses in this instance was R60, indicative of exposure to a severe standard fire for a duration of 60 minutes. However, an assessment of the actual fire exposure at the roof level suggested that it may not reach such heightened levels. To substantiate this, simulations were conducted to ascertain the temperatures influencing the steel profiles under potential fire scenarios. The findings indicated that these temperatures were notably lower than those corresponding to the 60-minute standard fire. Consequently, it was determined that no passive fire protection measures were required for the steel trusses, resulting in significant cost savings.

As the hospital undergoes a renewal to meet the demands of a growing population, the focus embraces sustainability, aligning with global efforts for an environmentally friendly healthcare environment. Our involvement in SFE services serves as a clear demonstration of the hospital's commitment to safety, precision and efficiency. This dedication has not only fortified the facility's resilience against fire but has also led to significant cost saving.

Project Details

Project Owner

Tays Central Hospital


The Wellbeing Services, County of Pirkanmaa



Project Location

Tampere, Finland



Health Care

Featured Experts

Mikko Partanen

Fire Safety Engineer

Tampere - Finland

Master’s of Science, Civil Engineering, FISE Designer of Fire Safety (class PV)

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Mikko Salminen

Structural Fire Engineering Lead, Europe

Tampere - Finland

Ph.D. in Structural Fire Engineering, FISE Designer of Fire Safety (Class PV, Exceptionally demanding), Chairman of the Structural Fire Safety Specialist group in the Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association, Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association, Club member #45

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