The Case for Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Ashley Pitts

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Feb 6, 2024

Whether you’re constructing a new building or improving an existing one, electric vehicle charging stations (ECVS) must be accessible and usable for everyone visiting the facility. Until recently, there has been confusion over how to provide accessible EVCS. Fortunately, several resources have been developed over the last few years, offering guidance for incorporating EVCS into facility plans.

In her article for FacilitiesNet, Ashley Pitts, Senior Accessibility Consultant, reviews strategies for designing accessible EVCS. Complying with applicable codes and following best practices at the outset for ECVS size, placement, usability, routes and signage can help prevent potential complaints as well as costly retrofits down the road.

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Ashley Pitts
Ashley Pitts is a Registered Architect and Accessibility Consultant with experience in commercial, corporate, hospitality, entertainment projects