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Emergency Response Plan, Chemical Manufacturer, United States

This industry-leading chemical manufacturer has plants across North America, providing a vast array of chemical-based products. We were engaged to develop an emergency response plan and fire pre-plans, which provide detailed response data and key information for buildings, process equipment and storage tanks.

Problem icon
The Problem

The plant has a complex operation consisting of many hazardous materials, pressurized tanks, process units and buildings. It needed an improved overall emergency response plan and specific plans for each major tank, building, and process unit equipment for how to respond to fires at each. Recent corporate audits identified deficiencies with emergency response plans at other plants and required immediate action to improve them.

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The Solution

We performed site visits, gathered specific details, developed response strategies, and utilized existing procedures to develop these plans and populate the standard templates already developed for the first plant into our SMARTPLAN™ response planning technology. In addition, we trained the plant staff on accessing and updating the plans.

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The Results

Our technology has been in use at the initial plant for over 3 years and has improved accuracy and accessibility of their emergency response and fire pre-plans while reducing the cost of the program. Two additional plants now utilize SMARTPLAN™ to manage their emergency response, and more plants are likely to be added in the future.