International Women in Engineering Day

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Jun 23, 2022

Diana Hugue

Job Title: Senior Fire Protection Engineer/Manager

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, US

Engineering has always appealed to me as a way to solve problems. I enjoy working in a collaborative environment to utilize math and science for developing creative solutions. As a fire protection engineer, I also like knowing that what I do helps keep others safe.

Noura Antoun

Job Title: Team Leader

Location: Dubai Office

An engineering degree doesn’t just teach you how to be an engineer, but rather gives you the flexible mindset and right tools, to understand and work across all fields, from business development to management to, “you name it 😊”, or even creates your own business. An engineer uses his creativity every day to solve problems and is able to develop his own system to make things work.

Being a woman engineer, particularly in the Middle Eastern male-dominated industry, gives me more motivation to innovate and demonstrate our engineering capabilities and determination, hoping for a diverse future engineering environment, in the Middle East and Worldwide.

Lexi Thompson, GSP, EIT

Job Title: Fire Protection and Life Safety Consultant

Location: Houston, TX

I enjoy the conducive nature of engineering. We serve our communities by ensuring projects are constructed and maintained in a manner that is safe for occupants. There’s something comforting knowing, at the end of the day, you are contributing to the creation of a more safe environment for the communities in which we serve.

Jessica Walker

Job Title: Team Lead Northeast Region

Location: Connecticut

I became an engineer to solve puzzles and figure out how things work. I have stayed an engineer to solve problems and make things easier and more efficient. I am constantly telling my team to remember that what we do MATTERS and that is a great feeling to have when you show up at work!

Moriel Kaplan, PE

Job Title: Sr. VP, South Region

Location: Chicago

I like being an engineer because I get the chance to solve the problems that other people walk away from.

Margarita Chi-Miranda

Job Title: Associate

Location: Rockville, MD

There are many reasons why I like being an engineer but there are two things that have surprised me most while working in engineering and that has made me love it even more. The first is how all type of engineers has to work together to get amazing things done. You always hear that engineering is all about teamwork but seeing how a team of engineers with very different backgrounds work together around the clock to get a project done is amazing.

The other thing is how engineering impacts society and makes our daily life easier and safer. It may be a cliché to say that engineering makes people's life easier but when you start working on those little things that improve our quality of life, you realize that no matter what type of engineering you do or if it is in front of a computer or in the field, you are doing something to help people to have a better life.

Marlene Delaney, SE, PE

Title: Vice President Operations Midwest Subregion

Location: Schaumburg, IL

Why do I like being an engineer? I started my career right after the Three Mile Island accident and knowing that my work was making the nuclear industry safer was very rewarding. Throughout my career, I have the opportunity to solve problems for multiple industries and clients has been my career very enjoyable.

Manuelita David

Title: Senior Consultant/Team Leader

Location: Concord, CA

With every career, you want to make a difference. After being in the fire protection realm for over 35 years, I can honestly say that what we do makes a difference. I remember someone talking with a Fire Chief, who happened to be a friend and knew what I did, thanking them for his service and for saving lives. The Fire Chief looked at me, and said, you really should be thanking her and people like her. They make my job possible because they ensure the buildings meet fire life safety requirements for us to be able to enter those buildings to save those lives. That comment is why I do what I do and enjoy it.

Michelle Peatross

Job Title: Principal Engineer

Location: Richmond, VA (falling under Baltimore office)

Engineering is a great combination of 3 things I love: science, math, and solving puzzles. I enjoy applying these skills to develop solutions for complex problems.

Lynn Kolonauski

Job Title: Human Reliability Analyst (Lead Engineer 2)

Location: West Chester, PA

In simple terms, I enjoy learning how things work and using that knowledge. As an engineer, I get to solve problems with a team of very smart people and that’s a satisfying way to make a living.

Meghan McGinley

Job Title: Manager

Location: Baltimore, MD

I like being an engineer because it applies science-based concepts to real-world challenges that have a real impact on our society. I enjoy problem-solving and finding creative solutions to interesting problems. The most rewarding part of my job is getting to work with driven, insightful individuals to develop a quality product and build meaningful relationships.

Hannah Thomas

Job Title: Associate Engineer

Location: Baltimore, MD

I love that as an engineer I have the potential to transform the world and am given the opportunities for boundless growth. The engineering field is so diverse and widespread in our world, so it is only fitting to say that engineers are the foundation of our society. We have literally built-up society, and we continue to transform society for the better every day.