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Case Study

The Shaft 5 Facility located in Weston, Massachusetts was originally constructed in 1947 and houses a vertical access shaft that provides access to the deep rock tunnel system approximately 400’ below the building floor.

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The Problem

The first-floor contains the existing electrical switchboard, abandoned restroom facilities, hydraulic valve system controls, and gate valve operators. The basement houses a step-down transformer, pumping equipment, and a ventilation blower. All of these elements required an upgrade.

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The Solution

Based on the condition and age of the building, we began with preparing documents which assessed relevant codes needed to be in place for the proposed upgrades. JH team developed specific MEP measures such as replacement of the existing electrical switchboard, addition of pumping systems, alterations to the existing sanitary waste distribution, and domestic water piping upgrades, and new means of cost-effective ventilation for general spaces and the electrical service room.

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The Results

Specific improvements to the MWRA Shaft 5 Building include mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) improvements.