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Case Study

The Williamsburg Inn is located in Colonial Williamsburg, an 18th century town dedicated to preserving American history. As an epicenter of American heritage, the historic Inn welcomes visitors from all over the world.
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The Problem

One of the primary challenges facing the team was that the Inn required extensive accessibility and fire and life safety upgrades but didn’t want to sacrifice the historical architectural features of the building. Because of the design of the Inn, proper egress, fire safety systems and accessibility were of particular concern.

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The Solution

Like many historical buildings, structural upgrades cannot always be made to satisfy code compliance. Therefore, we developed a performance-based solution using applicable codes to preserve the historical features and meet fire and accessibility standards.

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The Results

Our alternative approach to code compliance allowed the historical features of the Inn to be preserved with little structural disturbance from the systems installed. By working with the AHJs and architect, the project was completed on-time and within budget.