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The Forensic Uncovered Podcast brings together fire experts, firefighters, insurers, and architects to explore case studies uncovering the root causes of failures in spaces, from fire to contamination, water escapes, and product failure.

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Join Will Hutchinson, Managing Director, and John Gow, Technical Director and Senior Marine Investigator, for a podcast discussion about challenges and insights in the forensics industry. Listen in to explore how Will’s experience as a forensic scientist and investigator will influence how the company develops our forensic services to face the challenges ahead.

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Speakers & Hosts

John Gow

Technical Director, Marine + Senior Investigator

Registered Forensic Practitioner - Fire Scene Examination, Specialty Assessor - Fire Scene Examination, Fire Protection Assoc. Level 5 Course, Legal Experience Training Adv. Award in Expt. Wit. Evidence, Member, Director, Member, Member

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Will Hutchinson

Managing Director of Forensics, UK + Ireland

PHD, Infrared-Active Sensors for Inhomogeneous Systems, BSC (Hons), Applied Chemistry, Level 5, Skills for Justice Fire Investigator, Member, Member, Member

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